The only solution to identify and understand current and prospective Cannabis Consumers based on billions of real-world signals.

Surfside empowers clients to find and attract qualified cannabis consumers through monetization of their digital and offline audiences via marketing, insights and measurement.

For Dispensaries

Profile the cannabis consumer using demographics, behaviors, visitation patterns and target current and prospective customers at competing dispensaries and after visitation to your website or dispensary.

For Brands

Through integration into dispensaries, Point-of-Sale systems and ordering platforms, Surfside is able to utilize deterministic purchase data to understand and influence buying behaviors...increasing e-commerce and in-store sales.

For Everyone

We enable marketing capabilities and data enrichment within your existing ecosystem, allowing your clients the ability to reach consumers through targeted advertising and consumer research.

Understand digital and real-world behaviors to gain a complete view of the consumer with data-driven shopper marketing.

Surfside organizes, enriches and activates your known and unknown data providing scale and proprietary audiences at the local and global level. Achieve a single view of the customer through real-world behaviors allowing for personalized experiences across all media channels.

For Retailers

Understand your key store metrics by layering foot traffic data with existing buying habits and audience profiles. Creating new and actionable insights on previously untapped customers and competing businesses.

For Brands

Billions of real-time data signals are ingested to predict and influence your desired audience at any point in their consumer journey. Visualize and build proprietary audiences so you can own manage and measure the customer experience to trigger purchases at scale.

We provide the insight and algorithms needed to jumpstart the Customer Acquisition Process.

Surfside provides start-ups and growth companies the ability to shorten the path to lower customer acquisition costs. We understand what consumers are likely to convert based on Surfside’s Experience Platform, enabling D2C companies actionable and scalable research to plan and execute omni-channel media campaigns to focus on consumers more likely to convert.

For Research

Understand where consumers live, work, and shop, so you are able to make data-led business decisions and build media mix models tailored toward high-value audiences.

For Media

Generate value from your customer data by converting static insights into addressable audiences. Deliver unique experiences across all devices and personalize the messaging to drive lower acquisition costs.

People-based marketing starts with knowing your consumer

Audience Segmentation & Creation

Aggregate your customer data across all channels and devices to organize and build proprietary audiences based on valuable attributes and events.

Consumer Insights &

Identify anonymous visitors and bolster your 1st party audience with over 2,500 behavioral attributes for a complete understanding of your customers for advanced insights, lookalike modeling and campaign planning.

Omni-Channel Delivery & Measurement

Make your data actionable by associating your customers to their online presence and mobile devices, allowing you to personalize messaging across all marketing mediums and measure back to the point of purchase.

The Surfside Ecosystem

A living database of consumers in the US and Canada that associates them to their devices, households, place of work, demographics, purchases, frequently visited locations and more. This graph anonymously aggregates consumer behavior into a single-identity allowing our clients to find known associates, likely converters and parallel audiences.

Built for Scale

30B records/day

Privacy Focused