Drive Online Sales and
In-store Foot Traffic for your Cannabis Brand

Utilize Surfside to understand the current and future cannabis consumer for easy audience creation, advertising activation and measurement tied to in-store and online sales. Through Surfside’s integrations across all cannabis software from POS, CRM, e-commerce and ERP, we provide cannabis brands a single-view of your customers driving more value from 1st party data.

Purpose Built Audiences for Cannabis Marketing

Find customers while they are at home, work or a competing dispensary in order to influence visitation, purchase and brand awareness. Reach custom built audiences across all their devices and deliver display, video, native and audio advertisements on over 1M apps and websites.

Measure Everything Back to Sales

Optimize media across all channels and attribute audiences, creative and advertisements back to your online sales, a delivery partner, in-store sales and/or foot traffic. Visualizing the customer’s path to purchase and ensuring that your media is driving incremental sales and new customers for your cannabis products and brand.