Multi-touch attribution across all devices

Multi-touch attribution across all devices

With Surfside’s single-view of the customer we can identify people across mobile, tablet, desktop, OOH, TV and OTT devices. Connecting a consumer’s journey as they engage across devices and helping advertisers better understand the path to purchase across
your entire marketing budget.

Attributing Your
Media to Sales

Attributing Your Media to Sales

Surfside ingests online and offline consumer data and resolves it back to anonymized marketing identifiers. Seamlessly connecting media exposures to in-store and online sales, which provides transparency into return on ad spend metrics and allows optimizations that drive incremental revenue and lift.

Zero Integration Foot
Traffic Reporting

With over 145M points-of-interest and millions of always-on persistent location signals, seamlessly activate media attribution tied to in-store visitation. Through our real-time dashboard, visualize how many consumers enter your store and what media strategies are driving lift, for real-time optimization based on visits, dwell time, distance travelled and more.

Consumer Level Insights

Understand exactly who is visiting your website, engaging with your brand, or purchasing your products, with advanced insights detailing location, purchase, demographic and behavioral data. Visualize and enrich your 1st party data with easy-to-use dashboards, for in-depth analysis of your customers against multiple control groups or competing targeted audiences.