Your Audience

Differentiate Your
Audience Targeting

Build custom audiences that are personalized based on your 1st party data and uniquely designed to attract new customers.

The Enriched Single View
of the Customer

Connect all customer touchpoints across your platforms and advertising channels, merged with Surfside’s 25,000+ consumer-level attributes, to understand the type ofconsumers and behaviors leading to different actions in the path to purchase.

Surfside provides additional insights on your consumer to better understand what actions occur outside of your store, website and ad campaigns.

Custom Audience
Building for
Proprietary Targeting

Custom Audience Building
for Proprietary Targeting

Differentiate your media targeting with access to Surfside’s self-service audience builder, and turn your 1st party data into actionable audiences for omni-channel ad campaigns, email and SMS.

Find New Customers
Through Lookalike

Amplify your 1st party data, CRM and purchase segments into scalable media campaigns for stronger advertising results. Using Surfside’s machine learning predictive model, we identify attributes of your existing high-value customers to find new consumers that are likely to become loyal customers.