Create Differentiated Marketing Plans
that Drive Results

Surfside’s Platform democratizes the ability for advertisers to utilize their 1st party data to create custom ad campaigns. We provide self-service tools that allow our advertisers the ability to move away from out of the box targeting solutions and clearly visualize what factors are driving growth for their business.

Audience Building

Merge 1st party and Surfside data to build infinite amounts of audiences, and increase scale and conversion rates with lookalike modeling.

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Omni-channel Media Buying

Seamlessly activate media campaigns within Surfside’s in-house Demand Side Platform (DSP), prioritizing consumers based on their likelihood to convert.

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Surfside’s platform connects directly into e-commerce platforms, Point-of-Sale systems and iwhongests real-time consumer location data. Natively integrating attribution with our DSP allows for real-time optimizations based on in-store sales, online sales and store visitation.

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A Customer Graph Tied to Real World Experiences

Surfside’s Customer Graph encompasses 98% of all consumers in the US and Canada, with their associated devices, marketing IDs and over 25,000 other behavioral attributes to better understand who your customers are and how to interact with them.

Identity Resolution - Link customer touchpoints and identifiers into one comprehensive profile across devices and channels.

Data Enrichment - Fill in the gaps about what you know about your customer by enhancing your existing 1st party data with Surfside’s customer intelligence. Link customer touchpoints and identifiers into one comprehensive profile across devices and channels.

Actionable Insights - Understand the customer profiles that engage with your physical and digital assets, and turn valuable insights into omni-channel media campaigns.

Online and Offline Data Collection

Collect data across online touchpoints (websites, advertising, e-commerce) and offline events (foot traffic, in-store sales, CRMs) with our flexible customer onboarding tool.

Single Customer View

Aggregate all customer-level event data to a single consumer identifier.

Built-in Consumer Privacy

Flexible consumer consent and privacy policy management for GDPR, CCPA and more.

Data Standarization

Organize and structure for platform agnostic activation and ingestion.